Initial Clojure support for Vert.x

And also *very* cool… Version 0.10 of mod-lang-clojure has been released – this is Clojure language support for Vert.x!topic/vertx/fUdr3Kauj7c

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Some embryonic PHP support for Vert.x

Very cool that a member of the Vert.x community has been working on PHP support for Vert.x (see!searchin/vertx/php/vertx/gXI_L9koNxs/C4Q1A2208NcJ )

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Vert.x 2.0.1-final is released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Vert.x 2.0.1-final.

This is a minor release which includes several bug fixes and also some performance improvements. In particular Http performance is around 20% better in some scenarios!

For more information on what’s in the release please see github issues

You can find the binaries on Bintray


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Vert.x 2.0.0-final is released!

Dear World,

I’m pleased to announce the release of Vert.x

It’s been a rollercoaster/marathon run to get here since we released back in January, and it’s fair to say we’re all pretty exhausted now but we think the results are well worth the wait.

Vert.x 2.0 provides a host of new features and performance improvements and features a slimmer, more modular Vert.x. Highlights of 2.0 include:

* Many API improvements in the core APIs. Lots of new functionality and many things made more consistent.
* Powerful new module system. Vert.x modules can be placed in any Maven repository or in Bintray.
* Better, more efficient classloading model.
* Nested modules. Encapsulate your module and all the modules it depends on in a single module for ease of deployment.
* Multi-threaded worker verticles. Vert.x is now a truly hybrid application platform supporting both blocking and non-blocking verticles.
* Languages as modules. All language support is now implemented as modules – the core of Vert.x only understands Java. You only install the language support you need.
* Compact core. The core Vert.x distribution is less than 5MiB in size.
* Simpler and clearer embedding. Both the Vert.x core and the Vert.x platform are now embeddable in your existing Java apps
* Module registry – for registering your modules so the community can discover them.
* Maven archetype – for easily getting started with a standard Vert.x Maven project
* Gradle example project – for easily getting started with a standard Vert.x Gradle project
* Seamless testing and debugging of your Vert.x applications in your favourite IDE. No special configuration or setup needed.
* Simplified test framework enabling you to run Vert.x tests in the Vert.x container as standard JUnit tests
* Instant auto-redeploy of Vert.x modules. Make changes in your IDE/editor and see changes reflected in your running Vert.x application immediately.
* Updated and improved documentation.

We believe that Vert.x provides the ideal foundation for the new generation of highly scalable, polyglot applications. Now that the core and module system is in place, next steps will mainly involve providing more functionality in the form of modules, and extended language support. For example, right now we have teams working on Scala and Clojure language implementations which are already well advanced. We’ll be creating a road-map soon for the next stage.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped in getting Vert.x this far. Special thanks go out to the Netty team for working so closely with us, and of course the Vert.x community without which we would be nowhere!

(We have an updated website (make sure you shift-F5 to refresh on your browser), and you can download the release on Bintray).

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Vert.x 2.0.0-CR2 is released

Release announcement is here!topic/vertx/Gl3WaACqjM0

If all goes to plan Vert.x 2.0.0-final will be released next Monday!


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Vert.x 2.0 getting closer

Just a short post to say that the Vert.x 2.0 release is not far away now.

It’s been a long road, but the API is more or less stable and then we have the new docs to work through.

I’m hoping for a release in the next month or so :)

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Vert.x is released

This release contains some very cool new features. Here are a few of the highlights:

Module System

Vert.x now contains a proper module system and we’re launching a public module repository. We hope to encourage the community to contribute their own modules so they can be re-used by others.

Modules are automatically lazily installed from the repo (if they’re not already installed) when they’re referenced in your Vert.x applications.

Alternatively you can install them manually using `vertx install <module name>`.

Please see the documentations for full details of modules.

Python and CoffeeScript Support

Vert.x now supports both Python and CoffeeScript! Much Kudos to Scott Horn for the almost perfect pull requests he submitted.

Again, please see the website/docs for full information on this.

Other stuff
For a full list of all the other small features and fixes in this release please see githhub issues.

What’s next?

  • Hot redeploy of module. (This is actually almost complete already but just didn’t make it into 1.2)
  • Better testing support.
  • Develop more modules.
  • Scala? Kotlin? support. Stay tuned.
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