Vert.x is released

This release contains some very cool new features. Here are a few of the highlights:

Module System

Vert.x now contains a proper module system and we’re launching a public module repository. We hope to encourage the community to contribute their own modules so they can be re-used by others.

Modules are automatically lazily installed from the repo (if they’re not already installed) when they’re referenced in your Vert.x applications.

Alternatively you can install them manually using `vertx install <module name>`.

Please see the documentations for full details of modules.

Python and CoffeeScript Support

Vert.x now supports both Python and CoffeeScript! Much Kudos to Scott Horn for the almost perfect pull requests he submitted.

Again, please see the website/docs for full information on this.

Other stuff
For a full list of all the other small features and fixes in this release please see githhub issues.

What’s next?

  • Hot redeploy of module. (This is actually almost complete already but just didn’t make it into 1.2)
  • Better testing support.
  • Develop more modules.
  • Scala? Kotlin? support. Stay tuned.
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7 Responses to Vert.x is released

  1. Hello, we are having problems to import the package in vert.x 1.1 and vert.x 1.2 (we want to use it with mongo-persistor).

    In the other hand, in vert.x 1.2, we’ve installed mongo-persistor-v1.0 but we can’t load it
    with container.deployWorkerVerticle(“vertx.mongo-persistor-v1.0″, mongo_config);

    There are plans to document it? Thanks in advance :) .

  2. TK says:

    Hi Tim. I see Scala support is in TODO list. Is there any way to contribute toward it. I would like to help on that.

  3. Joao says:

    The project download page has error.

  4. Daniel Seidler says:

    +1 Kotlin Support.

  5. vlad says:

    +1 PHP Support

  6. Smalltalk support, Scheme…. :-)

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