Vert.x 2.0 getting closer

Just a short post to say that the Vert.x 2.0 release is not far away now.

It’s been a long road, but the API is more or less stable and then we have the new docs to work through.

I’m hoping for a release in the next month or so :)

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6 Responses to Vert.x 2.0 getting closer

  1. sp3091 says:

    looking forward to experience 2.0, cheer up!

  2. Chris says:

    Great to hear!!

  3. Can’t wait to get my hand on it. Nice work so far!

  4. Jan Święcki says:

    Will there be Scala support in 2.0?

    • Development is proceeding well on Scala support. The Vert.x core project is now separate from language implementation modules so they basically have their own release schedule, but Scala support should be available probably sometime shortly after 2.0 of the core project is released

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