Vert.x 2.0.1-final is released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Vert.x 2.0.1-final.

This is a minor release which includes several bug fixes and also some performance improvements. In particular Http performance is around 20% better in some scenarios!

For more information on what’s in the release please see github issues

You can find the binaries on Bintray


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2 Responses to Vert.x 2.0.1-final is released

  1. jeveloper says:

    Could you update brew formula please , its still stuck at 2.0.0

    Thank you for great job and keeping up with Netty upgrades.

  2. Lang Yu says:

    Hi, I want to develop a common java web application on Vert.X, could you give me some suggestion how to do it directly. I think I’m familiar with java web DEV, but if I want to run java web application on Vert.X, I don’t know how to migrate the traditional architecture to the new one.
    My old web application is implemented by standard components such as Java Filter, Java Servlet.
    I want to pursuit a way to do this upgrade.

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